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Banking experiences from SBI

The Company, built up by SBI (Bank) & Since Inception managed by ex-SBI officials

Corporate Remittances

Trade and Corporate remittances apart from personal remittances


Is a pre-eminent, customer-focussed, money transfer/exchange Company

Reliability and Service

Has a reputation of a customer friendly, trustworthy, safe and sound institution

Instant credit

Instant credits with certain banks, besides worldwide bank and cash transfers

Competitive Rates and Charges

For all the wide array of services, apart from other value added services

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KIECO was established in 1979. The company (formerly called Kuwait India International Exchange Co.) is regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait, offering a wide range of smart financial services including remittance services, currency exchange and payment solutions. Over the years, it has grown to the position of being a leading financial service provider in the State of Kuwait.

Technology is an ever-changing playing field; those wanting to remain at the helm of innovation have to adapt it. The consumer journey is charting a new course in the process and customers and companies alike are embracing emerging technologies. As the phase of trends in the Remittance Industry such as Online Transfers, Digitalization and Wallet Pay Services has become more pervasive, today the world is looking to organizations who can deliver with accuracy and real-time efficiency. Perhaps, KIECO is the first of its kind to absorb these challenges and to facilitate and meet the growing demands of a technology-enabled consumer base and businesses entities.

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Online Remitance

Quick Reliable and Secure, try our latest 24/7 online transfer at the comfort of your home or accessible anywhere across the world from all Internet enabled devices. Introducing KIECO Online